New Video: Cake By a The Ocean (Official Live) 

The Offical Live Video of Cake By The Ocean release today! It features clips of them performing on tour last year as well as backstage!

Check out the video below!


DNCE To Perform At LeSutra Model Volleyball Tournament 

Today, Billboard can exclusively announce that DNCE will bring their live musical prowess to Miami Beach on Sunday, Feb. 21 as part of the LeSutra Model Volleyball Tournament, an open-to-the-public event that benefits the Irie Foundation, which works to empower at-risk youth.
In case you’re wondering, yes, DNCE promises to make their hit “Cake By the Ocean” come to life. “We will literally bring cake to the ocean,” Joe Jonas says.

LeSutra Model Volleyball Tournament is, as the title suggests, a volleyball tournament between professional models. The co-ed competitive/charitable event runs Feb. 20-21 (full details below). “Looking forward to watching a good old fashioned match of competitive volleyball,” drummer Jack Lawless says, with guitarist JinJoo adding, “I can’t wait to see some balls.”

Bonus: the event leads in to bassist Cole Whittle’s birthday, so show up and help him celebrate. “Fun and sun in the sand with your new favorite band! Plus, my birthday is ‪at midnight,” he says.

(Source – Billboard)

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Joe’s New Rental In Hollywood Hills 

Joe Jonas, the former Jonas Brother turned DNCE frontman, is leasing a new pad in the Hollywood Hills following the sale of his $2.9 million home, The Real Deal has learned. The crooner is shelling out $40,000 a month for the three-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom house, on Cardwell Place near the Sunset Strip, according to the listing broker, Carl Gambino of Westside Estate Agency. “This is the most spectacular property on the market in this price range. There is literally nothing else like it,” Gambino said. The mid-century modern house was once home to famed session musicians the Wrecking Crew and has a pool, a circular living room and a hidden murphy style bar in the living room. The home is also currently available for sale, asking $4.6 million. Jonas has been without a California crash pad ever since he sold his other Hollywood Hills abode on Fairfax Avenue for $2.88 million late last year. He bought that property for $2.6 million in 2014, public records show. He and his brothers even spent the holidays in an Airbnb rental in New York.  Continue reading Joe’s New Rental In Hollywood Hills 

Joe’s Interview With Rolling Stone

Joe recently did a interview with Rolling Stone! Check out the interview below!

How did DNCE get involved with Grease: Live?

We actually had the producers come to a little club show we did in New York City. After the show, I guess they thought we’d be great for the role of Johnny Casino and the Gamblers. We love the movie and the music. It’s this timeless show that everyone is familiar with. For us, we had to say yes. We were so thrilled.

I saw that not only are you all performing the classic Grease dance track “Born to Hand Jive,” but you’re also singing a Crickets cover [“Maybe (Baby)”] and your single “Cake by the Ocean” …

I’m not sure which of them we’ll be doing for the show itself, but obviously “Hand Jive” is such a classic song. We mixed “Cake” into a Fifties, swooning kind of song. It’s going to be a really cool take on something that’s modern.

How did the Crickets cover come about?

That was brought to us, and we recorded it for the iTunes release. It’s really fun to perform that one. It’s really fun to perform that one. It’s a super rockabilly song.

What’s your relationship with the movie and the musical?

Oh yeah, big fan. Have always been a fan. It’s something that I grew up watching, and my dad tells the story constantly about how he made just enough money mowing lawns so he can see both Star Wars and Grease. He says he saw both in the theater about 20 to 25 times each. Obviously growing up in the house, it was always playing.

Do you have a favorite song from the show?

I love “Sandy” and definitely “Greased Lightning.” Also “You’re the One That I Want.” The top three classics

Since DNCE isn’t the only pop music act to join the cast, do you have any favorite songs by Boyz II Men or Carly Rae Jepsen?

Oh man, Boyz II Men. Obviously the hit “I’ll Make Love to You.” Carly has some incredibly records on Emotion, and I really like that whole [album].

On top of the Grease: Live gig, “Cake by the Ocean” has been growing so much since its release last fall. How does it feel to see this new project grow?

It really is overwhelming for us. We didn’t know what to expect. The band has been such a joy for all of us. We get to live our dreams, yet again, for all of us who have been in bands and played with other artists. It can be difficult in this day and age to get second chances in the music industry. There’s so much material out there. To make a mark, it really feels great. We’re just going to keep doing this thing until hopefully “Cake by the Ocean” is everyone’s favorite song, and we’ll think about another single.

 Will a full-length album be coming out anytime soon?

We’re shootin’ for summertime! August is when our light projection is, but nothing is set in stone. We’re shooting toward that. We have a big tour we’ll be going on and will be doing a little bit of travel in Europe. We have so much on our plate already.

Finally, the band has such unique stage fashion, so I’m wondering if you guys know what you’ll be wearing for the show?

We don’t know quite yet! We’ll be going quickly into [rehearsal] and wardrobe. We have an interesting style to our band, so we’ll see how well they can mold us.

(Source: Rolling Stone)

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