Joe Jonas Attends “Fendi Mania Capsule Collection” Launch

Joe Jonas attended the “Fendi Mania Capsule Collection” Launch on Tuesday night in Beverly Hills, CA.

Inside the event Joe posed for some photos as well as did a interview with “People”:

Joe on stealing clothing from his brother Nicks closet, “Sometimes I steal his clothes, like, the other day I was in his closet and I needed a jacket. And I went into his closet to grab a sweater and he bumped into me later that day. He was like, ‘Wait is that mine? I keep feeling like every time you go to my place, you magically take one of my outfits away from me!” 

On rather he asks his brother for clothing advise, “It’s funny, anytime I stay with Nick at his place, I’m always asking his opinion. It’s still embedded in my brain. That’s just something that I do,” He also gets advice from Fiancé Sophie Turner, Yeah, I’ll ask my girl as well sometimes,”

When asked about his fashion fails Joe replied, “There was a full on horse riding outfit I wore at the Kids’ Choice Awards [in 2008], It was a little bit too old for how young we were. I think we were trying to maybe prove a point. That one be one regret that I look back on now and laugh, because we took ourselves way too seriously that day.”

And as for his biggest fashion regret,  “I think the biggest would probably be some hairstyles I had back in the day!”

Check out some photos from inside the event below:



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