DNCE Talk With Metro Entertainment

DNCE spoke with Metro Entertainment Today before their show with Bruno Mars at British Summer Time in Hyde Park.

DNCE spoke about joining in on London’s Trump protest, touring with Bruno Mars and more.

Read the full interview below:

‘We walked in the march actually,’ Joe Jonas told Metro.co.uk. ‘We only had five 10 minutes between interviews but we wanted to be a part of it.’

Cole Whittle, the band’s bass player, added that he loved the sense of unity the protest against the American president brought to the capital.

He told us: ‘We were impressed and appreciated the passion. It’s just one world.’

The group – completed by guitarist JinJoo Lee and drummer Jack Lawless – have been touring with Bruno Mars and performed their final show as his support in London’s Hyde Park.

To cement the point home even more, Joe announced on stage: ‘Stay the fuck out of England, Trump.’

Speaking of the world tour as it comes to its end, Joe said: ‘It’s been going phenomenally. He sets the bar to make sure you get up there and kick ass.

‘You can’t be half-assed on stage when you know he’s about to go up. We love playing these venues because they’re just massive. It’s not a sit down audience.’

Speaking on thoughts of a collaboration, Joe joked: ‘We’re doing an audio book right now, it’s a period piece. And then we’ll move on and do music.’

Cole added: ‘It’s a party every time we do a show with Bruno Mars. It’s hard not to have a good time.

‘Everybody’s on the go as you can imagine but tonight since it’s our last show on the books we’ll throw it out there a bit.’

(Source: Metro.Co.UK)


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