Joe Jonas Talks With TV Week

Joe Jonas recently spoke with TV Week about his upcoming role in “Hotel Transylvania 3.”

Read the full full interview below:

TV WEEK: Why did you want to do this movie?

Joe Jonas: I’m a big fan of animated films and TV shows. About a year-and-a-half ago, I put my hand up and said I wanted to voice a song. And then I went in and saw what they were doing with the character. It was like being in a kids’ amusement park.

TVW: Your character is huge and seems very menacing. But without spoiling things too much, he sings, right?

JJ: It was funny, because I thought I was going to play this scary monster. Once I saw what they were doing, and how it had a kind-of Las Vegas feel, I knew exactly where this should go.

TVW: What was it like recording the vocal track? Presumably, Adam Sandler wasn’t there clapping along…

JJ: No, and I was pretty nervous! I was used to singing vocals for a rock band, where you can just wail. But I listened to a bunch of different songs [and singers] beforehand, like Frank Sinatra, who I love. We both grew up in New Jersey.

The mythical Atlantis is a destination in the movie. Is that anything like the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas?

It’s funny, because I went to the Atlantis in the Bahamas quite a bit when I was young. My brother [Kevin] also met his wife [Danielle] in the Bahamas. Me and this movie went hand-in-hand. Or tentacle-in-tentacle.

TVW: Have you ever been cruising?

JJ: I remember cruising when I was younger. I’ll never forget, it was my birthday on the ship and I had about 200 Shirley Temples [a non-alcoholic drink made with Sprite] and played video games all day. It was the best day ever.

TVW: Did anything else happen aboard?

JJ: I had a crush on a girl and my parents embarrassed me. Also, I won a hula-hoop contest. And I got to wear a crown all day, which did get really annoying.

TVW: You’ve recently been a coach on The Voice Australia. Would you like to do more acting?

JJ: I really enjoy it. But then I’ll call my brother Kevin on set and he’ll spend hours in the trailer and then do just 30 minutes of filming. I do want to act more – I just have to find the right part. It would be great to surprise people with a serious role.


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