Cole Whittle Drops KYYBOii Clothing Line

Cole Whittle announced the opening of KYYBOii Clothing Line Today. The line benefits LGBTQ+ and Homeless Youth.

The misson of the company according to their about page is, “KYYBOiii is a HAPPY CULT started to celebrate the incredible
diversity of living things on earth &
who/how/when/where/what they LOVE.

With a contagious attitude, we help
the super alive find party freedom,
endless adventure, and super identity.
With aggressive kindness, we help the
misunderstood find peace and respect.

EQUALITY fuels our
constant & unpredictable stream of
genderless, sizefree, life products.
No Seasons. See You Always.”

The new line has two departments, KYYBOiii which is a NYC/Tokyo hybrid lifestyle department and KYYBOiii 15 which is a conceptual department. The pieces are high limited and handmade in New York.

The selection is limited, check out what’s available below:

KYYBOiii Collection (6% donation):

3Tee – $52


Face Tee – $52



KYYBOiii 15 Collection (50% donation):

3Piece Suit – $5,600


Self Highlighter – $7


You can purchase from the line on



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