Joe Jonas Covers Vogue Mexico!

Joe Jonas is featured on the cover of the Autumn/Winter edition of Vogue Mexico.

In the magazine Joe talks about starting DNCE and what it was like to go solo. Check out some of the interview below:

Joe sits down to talk at ease in the middle of the photo shoot, which takes place in the San Miguel Chapultepec neighborhood of Mexico City. With a mustache that gives an air to Freddy Mercury , one of his idols, he says he is happy to be back. ” Mexico is like a second home to me. I come very often … It’s one of my favorite places , “he confirms. At 28, he has been a 12-year veteran and is almost a veteran of the stage. We saw him just a few weeks ago singing with Rod Stewart at the MTV VMA 2017 giving an account of the maturity he has achieved as an interpreter. “We recorded the song a year ago. He invited me to be part of his duet album and I asked him to sing Da Ya Think I’m Sexy. Singing with him live was an incredible experience, very emotional for me, not every day you have the chance to sing with one of your idols “, says who has David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Prince as their main references.

After the dissolution of the Jonas Brothers in 2013 , the band he founded with his brother Nick and Kevin and took him to stardom, was in a search that led him to create DNCE two years ago in a very organic way. “After a long break, I realized I wanted to go back to the studio. I called two friends to make music, and that’s how the band was born. We wrote Cake By the Ocean and everything happened the same week. Now we have two years touring the world and we have not stopped making music . ” While his new project is part of the pop rock genre, his new songs are loaded with influences fuck, dance and a lot of good vibes. “It’s one of the goals. Make music that makes you happy . With so much negativity that there is now in the world, infecting people with joy is what interests us. ”

The truth is that he felt fear about the course of his solo career. ” It was one of the most difficult decisions. Also the toughest conversations I’ve had in my life. It’s those moments that make you an adult . My brother Nick was the one who initiated the conversation, but the decision was of the three. None wanted to keep on doing the same thing, everyone had their interests, and there were many things that we had said not to be focused on the band … The next two months were very hard, but today I can tell you that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made . Everyone took their path, but we are family and we continue to support, “he reveals.

Fame has been a constant in his life, and in the past he has been open enough to talk about issues such as sex and drugs . “You can not be an open book all the time. In the past I tried not to hide many things about myself because I felt more comfortable being honest. The truth is that there are certain people in this industry who prefer to maintain a halo of mystery, but in my case I think my fans know me more than myself , “he laughs.

His love life has also occupied hundreds of headlines . In fact, he just announced his commitment to the actress Sophie Turner. “I have a girlfriend, but I try to maintain a friendship with my ex. It depends … Some relationships are better inside and it is difficult to have a friendship if things end badly, but I am not the type of person who holds a grudge, anger or something like that, “he confesses. At the end of our dialogue I am sorry to have talked with a J oe more interested in enjoying the moment they can or can not say about him. It’s the wave!

Check out some photos from the shoot below:





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