Cole Whittle Talks Performing in Singapore, Fashion and More with ‘Teenage Magazine’

Cole Whittle recently talked with a Teenage Magazine about DNCE’s upcoming show in Signapore, plans for Joe Jonas’ Birthday, Fashion and more!

Read the full interview below:

 In anticipation of DNCE’s arrival in Singapore for their first headlining Asian tour, we caught up with Cole Whittle to talk about his favourite song from the album, who he thinks has the best body moves, and the band’s plans for Joe the birthday boy.

DNCE doesn’t want to be taken seriously.

Between their colourful members, irreverent songwriting, cheeky visuals, and even their choice of fashion, this pop-rock quartet is more about having fun than anything else. According to Cole: “As soon as you put rules on the creation process, a lot of the fun can go away.”

And with a style mantra of a “6-year-old” who dresses like his “favourite superhero or comic book character”, Cole seems to be the perfect embodiment of the band. We had a chat with the colourful bassist of DNCE to find out more about the band that he calls “the X-Men”.

This will be DNCE’s first time headlining a concert in Asia. How excited are you guys?

I don’t even think ‘excited’ is the word. We’re so overjoyed to be coming and seeing all these amazing countries and experiencing the different cultures. And we promise to put on some shows that will be memorable forever.

You guys will be performing in Singapore on 15 August, which happens to be Joe’s birthday as well. Any plans for the birthday boy?

I can tell you that for Joe’s birthday in Singapore, we will party all night. It will be legendary. People will talk about it for years, and years, and centuries from now. Because it’s going to be such a celebration, not just for Joe’s birthday, but also being in such a beautiful country.

What’s your favourite song from DNCE?

It changes all the time. I’ll have to say ‘Cake By The Ocean’ because that’s the song that kicked open the doors to the whole world, and showed them who we were and our personalities. Another is a song that Joe and I wrote together – ‘Unsweet’. That one just feels like a free-loving anthem to me. Every time I play that I just feel so good.

Touring can be hectic. What do you guys like to do to unwind?

That’s a funny question. The second we have a day off, within five hours of being separated and doing our own thing, we all meet each other and we all get super bored. I would say that one day off is enough vacation for us. We just want to be doing interviews, playing concerts, travel, and party all over again. It’s very hard for us to stop.

Who in the band has the best body moves?

We are kind of like the X-Men you know. Everyone’s style is just so different. I would say that I’m the best twerker and breakdancer. And Joe has the best like salsa, tango, and ballroom dancing [skills]. Jack has the best head bang, and JinJoo has the best hip hop dancing.

Fashion is obviously a huge part of who you are. How would you describe your personal style?

I’ll describe it as ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks’. I approach it like a 6-year-old kid who hasn’t been told what he can wear, what’s popular, and what’s appropriate yet. I like to be the person in the room to take the pressure off everyone else. So if you’re in a room with me, you don’t have to worry about anyone looking at you, or judging you. I’ll take all the pressure.

What’s next for DNCE?

We are writing songs right now. We are collecting tunes we are really excited about. We are going to release more new music by the end of the year. We just want to tour the world and we can’t wait to come to Asia and make a memorable experience for all of the fans.



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