DNCE Performing in Ames, Iowa

DNCE performed in Ames, OH last night as part of Iowa State University’s Spring concert.

DNCE took the stage at Hilton Colliseum infront of a sold out crowd of fans.

Check out some photos and videos below:

Red Carpet:


No big deal but only thing between me and Joe Jonas tonight was a couple people and a fence so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #DNCE

A post shared by Diana Sullivan (@diana_sullivan) on

❤this song #toothbrush #dnce#joejonas

A post shared by Maymay (@mayminibuz) on

If you wanna be his lover, you gotta get with his friends. #dnce #wannabe #spicegirls

A post shared by KAITLYN (@kaitlynnn_s) on

#DNCE #dncegoestocollege #ISU #iowastateuniversity #iowa

A post shared by Kyllie (@kyttat) on

Amazing! #dnce #joejonas

A post shared by Marina Liebes (@marinaonfire) on

Meeting Fans:



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