Joe and Kevin Jonas on How they Moved Forward After Their Band Split

Joe and Kevin Jonas joined their manager, Phil McIntyre, to talk about how they rethought their careers after the Jonas Brothers disbanded in 2013.

Check out the interview below:

“With each artist, you’re essentially the CEO of their little enterprise,” said McIntyre. “At [Philymack] we had success so quick with the Jonas Brothers and Demi [Lovato], and then we went through a rough patch where we failed to evolve and find new business opportunities. My job is to continue to diversify and to find new areas of revenue and inspiration. We made a commitment in this next phase to not make fear-based decisions, but to go where we felt truly inspired.”

“After the Jonas Brothers, I was like, What is next?” said Kevin. “I always had a passion for [tech]. They even called me KT&T for a while. I am not an expert, but I’m a fast learner: Surround yourself with people who will make you better, and learn to listen. It was humbling to see my brothers blowing up in music while I wasn’t in the public eye, but it was also gratifying, because I’m doing what I love, and the self-esteem you get from that is so much better. When you can take away the ego, you learn a lot about yourself and the world around you.”

“I took a few years off to figure it out,” said Joe. “I [opened a] restaurant, deejayed, tried a little acting. During [one] meeting, Phil was pretty real with me—a mini intervention. He said, ‘You should be doing what you do best, and that’s music.’ Things are happening so fast now, especially with all the different social [media] outlets. It used to be you’d release one song and that’s your whole year or two years, and now you can release a song a month if you want, or every week. As an artist, I’m like, Great!”



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