Joe Jonas Talks to ABC Radio

Joe Jonas recently spoke to ABC Radio about his plans for Christmas, giving his niece’s loads of presents and what he will gift his DNCE bandmates.

Check out the interview below:

Following a busy year filled with touring, award shows, a debut album and a hit single, DNCE frontman Joe Jonas is heading home for Christmas to celebrate with his parents and brothers Nick, Kevin and Frankie Jonas. But since only one of the brothers has children, Joe says he’s going to focus all of his gift-giving on those lucky kids.

Joe’s brother Kevin has two daughters: Alena, who’s nearly three, and Valentina, who was just born in October. Joe says he’s ready to be his nieces’ own personal Santa Claus. “I’m just gonna spoil those two little girls like crazy,” he tells ABC Radio. “Because all the boys, we’re all old enough…we don’t really need gifts…just quality time.”

Joe says between him, his fellow pop star brother Nick and their little brother Frankie, the Jonas girls will be knee-deep in presents.

“Because we have two little princesses in our life, it’s gonna be ridiculous!” he laughs. “I’ll need, like, a dump truck of toys.”

But Joe won’t be buying Christmas gifts specifically for the rest of members of DNCE. He explains that for the “Cake by the Ocean” group, presents are a year-round occasion.

“We kinda always give each other presents, like all year round,” he says. “It’s kind of a normal thing so I think it’ll just be more of the same.”



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