DNCE Celebrate ‘Cake by the Ocean’

DNCE celebrated their hit song ‘Cake by the Ocean’ by creating Cakes!

DNCE teamed up with Spotify to thank their fans, diehard fans can expect to recieve cakes baked on the beach by the band.

DNCE’s Joe Jonas and Cole Whittle also talked to People.com about how Cake by the Ocean was a unexpected hit, fan experiences and why they are thankful for their fans.

Check out the interview, photoshoot and video below:

Joe Jonas and Cole Whittle tell PEOPLE that they never expected their song to make waves on the music scene.

“You know, it started off as a misunderstanding,” Cole Whittle says. “The producers we were working with were trying to tell a story about the cocktail, ‘Sex on the Beach.’ In Sweden, they call it ‘Cake by the Ocean.’ We thought it was hilarious and we ran with it.”

Jonas revealed some of his most memorable fan moments since the inception of DNCE, saying, “We’ve had some pretty amazing experiences with our fans — and crazy ones as well.”

“I’ve had fans in my room when I did not expect it,” he continued. “That was interesting.”

DNCE’s self-titled album was released in November and Jonas says they spent the better part of a year working on it.

“We’ve been on the road pretty much the whole time,” he says. “We strategically wrote and got into the studio whenever we could. We’re really proud of it. We’re pretty confident that everyone in the world is going to buy a copy of it.”

Jonas and Whittle said they’re thankful for their fans’ support of their band and new album and hope to send that message by sharing a few sweets.

“We had a big overall idea of what cakes we each like,” Jonas says. “We’re going to be surprising people with out favorites. Me, personally, I’m a red velvet guy — with a little alcohol in the recipe.”



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