DNCE for Client Magazine

DNCE appear in Client Magazine #16, the band talked about how DNCE formed, control within the music industry and the difference between a celebrity and an artist.

DNCE also did a photoshoot for the magazine, out November 18th.

Check out some of their interview and photoshoot, below!

Chatting about how DNCE formed, Joe explained “We’ve known each other for a while. Jack and JinJoo I’ve known for about 10 years and we have toured on and off together and Jack and I lived together at one point. Cole kind of fell into our lives at the perfect time. We met him early last year and we were trying to figure out why we’d just met him, we kind of felt like he was a long lost brother and quickly we all became a family… It’s been a hell of a year.”

The frontman also opened up about control within the music industry and specifically with DNCE: “It’s 1000% control. We control pretty much everything we come up with and we really get to collaborate and try to come up with fun ideas. When we’re performing live, it’s really fun for us to really let loose and come up with a full show that makes DNCE the best version of ourselves whether it’s wild and crazy or it’s a song that reminds us of our childhood, we try to showcase that on stage.”

“The writing process is different every time,” Joe continues. “There’s moments where I’ve written songs by myself for this upcoming album, there’s been times where we’ve all been in the same room and collaborated and it’s been just one guitar chord or a bass line and it kind of grows and grows until we have something that feels like it’s unique, and then we get into the studio and try to put it together.”

Cole adds that there is sometimes over-production in the business, explaining: “I think, like always, there are people who do too much to something that was pure and perfect the first time and I also think there are people that do the right amount, and I think there’s people that don’t do enough so I think it’s just a balance of imperfection being perfection in any art form and I think we’re really happy with our balance of organic versus polished funk spaceship vibes.”

He also talked about the difference between a ‘celebrity’ and an ‘artist’, saying: “Some people are both, some people are neither, but I think it’s an amazing ying and yang win when people find themselves being both. Being an artist that’s being recognised at a level in pop culture in the universe for their art. So I think the difference can be like an empty trash can or a beautiful garden.”

(Source: FemaleFirst.co.uk)


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