Joe Jonas at Chateau Marmont

Joe Jonas and other celebrities including Cameron Dallas and Colton Hayes, gathered at  Chateau Marmont, Monday night.

The gathering was put on by Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Artistic Director, Kim Jones.

Following an invitation to sit front row at a Fashion Show last year, Joe had the opportunity to step into Jones’ Studio, Joe describe the studio as “Loose and Free.”

“It’s so cool to see the things he’s inspired by,” said Jonas, who would like to create his own Fashion Line one day.

“I would love to learn from somebody like Kim and pick his brain and maybe sit in a room and watch people for months.”

While the second oldest of the four Jonas brothers acknowledged he doesn’t actually have time to undertake a fashion internship during the period he’s building buzz for his new band, DNCE, he is open to return to acting. In the meantime, he said, “I love to binge-watch television shows. Right now, I am excited ‘The Walking Dead’ is back. I love ‘Mr. Robot.’ I also love ‘House of Cards.’”


Check out some photos from the event, below!


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