Joe Jonas’ Reddit AMA Chat

Joe Jonas participated in a Reddit, Ask Me Anything, chat today and answered  Redditor’s questions.

Check out a few questions and answers below, and check out the rest of his answers, here!

Question –

With the anniversary of the Jonas Brothers break-up coming up this month, I can’t help but be emo and reminisce on that period of time! You’ve talked about it before but generally reflecting back on that period, what was it like for you? You didn’t speak for a month, you were accused of breaking up the band for drug addiction, you were scrutinized for being seen with a therapist, you weren’t on speaking terms with your brothers… is that hard to look back on or are you more thankful for it given all of the growth that you’ve experienced since then?

Answer –

I think that probably half of those questions are true. I was seeing a therapist and I wasn’t on speaking terms with my brothers. When it happened, we were focussing on going on another tour and we had plans to hit the road and do what we had been doing for a while. Nick brought it to the table that he wanted to focus on different things, like acting and doing music on his own. At first, it was really shocking to me because it was kind of all I had known was the Jonas Brothers, forever. So, I was pretty mad and confused because, I was like, I’ve been putting so much time and effort into this for so long and now I just have to stop and figure out what’s next. And maybe I was a little envious of Nick because I knew that he already had kind of a leg up and had plans to work on music already and he was creating and producing. So, I was probably mad at him, too. I remember kind of losing it a little bit and I didn’t speak to anybody. I closed myself off and we cancelled the tour and didn’t really know what was going on. We were honestly trying to figure out if it was the right decision to call it off or do a final tour or final goodbye, but I think, for all of us, we did it for ten years and it was a lot of time doing one thing. After taking some time away, I realized that maybe I could start to travel and do some other stuff. I really took a long time to figure it out and I wasn’t even creating. I just traveled and tried to really find myself because I was doing this Jonas Brothers thing for so damn long. Now, I think that I’m really glad I took so much time away because I’m able to find myself and create music that I’m proud of. I started a little bit of acting and opened a restaurant. I was trying to see if maybe there was a different career path that I would go into. Ultimately, I realized that I really enjoy the music stuff, so that’s really where I found home.

On the questions about the drug addition. That was all false. That probably would have made me look really cool, but unfortunately that wasn’t real.


Question –

Are you as much of a cigar enthusiast as Nick? Do you have any particular favorite cigars that you enjoy?

Answer –

Yes, I love cigars a lot. Me and Nick are both big enthusiasts of cigars. We will hopefully plan a trip to Cuba soon and can go to factories and smoke cigars the entire time we’re there. I personally love Cohibas and Bogey’s. Tatuaje is also a family friend company of ours and we actually toured with the owners for a while. They came on the road with us in South America and after the show they would set up shop and they would have cigar rollers and we would hang out and smoke. The reason I love cigars is because I grew up around lot of people who smoked cigars and I always loved the smell. Then I tried one for myself and I think I got horribly sick. I also had a smoothie right before, so I was hugging the toilet for a few hours (that means throwing up). Now, I love them. I think it’s a nice little past time and a little vice in my life.

Question –

where is your cats?Do you like more?

Answer –

I like all animals. If it was acceptable to have lots of different animals around, I would. As for my cats, my buddy Carl says they’re in the slammer, but they’re in one of those bougie cat hotels here in LA, yes I’ll admit it they’re in a place like that. Something like Chatau Meow or play on words like that. They have a television in the room or something ridiculous, but if I’m gonna spend my money on something it would be for my cats to have a good life.

Also, I’m traveling like 99% of the year, and I never really have the opportunity to see him.


Question –

Hi Joe, what was your most bizarre experience throughout your career?

Answer –

I’ve had a few pretty bizarre moments. There was one time that I was in Toronto and I was hanging out with my buddy John and we were invited to a U2 concert. We had an early morning the next day, but we were like we should probably go. Then somebody came up from Bono’s PR, and they were like we would like you to invite to Bono’s after party, and we were like that’s not real, there’s no way he wants us to come to an afterparty. But we were like you know what, just in case it’s actually his invite we should just go for a few minutes and check it out, so we went to the party and we were waiting for probably about 30 minutes and we were starting to get ready to leave, I had like one or two drinks and it was time to get rolling, and we were like we’re gonna wait for like five minutes, and surely five minutes late just like out of a movie, the doors open, it was as if it was a smoke machine, and Bono walks in, he was wearing jeans and a jean shirt buttons down to his belly button. He struts his way in and is doing the pointing at people and just being a total badass, sits down with us for probably the next 4 hours and we have the most amazing conversation, and inspiring, and we talk about him, I asked him for advice for writing songs and he’s like don’t be afraid to offend people, I have countries I’m not allowed back into for things I said, you have to really say it from your heart because it’s what’s important. It was such an incredible night. And I remember Colin Farrell was there as well, and I guess Colin Farrell sent one of the jerseys of a rival team at the time that Bono was to him, and he wrote something on the jersey to be like screw your team cause they have different teams, and Bono was so mad and was like “where is that bastard?!” and looking for him around the party to fight him, so definitely a memorable night.


Question –

Do you ever stalk fan accounts? Instagram? Twitter? If so, how often? Do you have favorite accounts? Are there ones that you check on often? Do you have a second twitter just to creep?

Side note: Body Moves? Wow.


Answer –

To answer your first question, do you ever stalk fan accounts, I totally do. On Instagram and Twitter. I love reading when people go off on each other. Like, if somebody is a big fan of another artist and somehow they tag each other in photos or tag me in photos and it’s like trying to get me to get mad. I love watching fans interact and defend each other. Or fight. I do have a few favorites. There is a great twitter account called PeopleBehindJoe, which is just a collection of photos of the most random people behind me. From politicians to athletes to guys at gas stations. It’s a really fun account, so I suggest you take a look.


Question –

What was your weirdest fan encounter?

edit: ps – I am still in love with the Jonas Brothers


Answer –

I don’t know if anybody told you but the Jonas Brothers split up, I’m so sorry. Also my weirdest fan encounter actually happened three days ago. This woman was sitting outside my house in a car for a while and her car was completely full of furniture and clothes and my friend went up to the car to ask what was going on and she said that she was waiting for me and said that she was moving in and that she was waiting until I got home to start unloading her stuff from her car. So that’s been one of the weirdest.

We also have a pretty good story. Our bass player, Cole, was on the bus a fan broke in and was sitting, waiting for him, and when he got on the bus she wanted to give him studio quality photos of her pet skunk riding a go-cart and that’s all she wanted, so she handed him the photos and she left. We still have the photos too.



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