DNCE Crash HOT 99.5’s Graduation Party

DNCE crashed HOT 99.5’s Graduation Party in Washington, DC at the Verizon Center!

Check out some videos and photos from the party below!


When DNCE, the party band, comes to town… you gotta party with them, right?!

Which is why I decided to find some graduates and throw them a graduation party… and not let them know what the real plan was.

The real plan: For DNCE to come in and crash the party! And that they did.

The winners and their friends had NO IDEA what was going on when people came running in to “Cake By The Ocean.” It’s funny- you can actually see it all click in their brains after a couple seconds.

When DNCE crashes our HOT 99.5 grad party!!!! @dnce

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DNCE went over to my “bag of tricks,” grabbed some props, and took pics with the winners [and a couple we let sneak in]! And now I think they’re even cooler than I thought before.

Also, Cole was wearing overalls with girls’ numbers all over them. Of course I added mine in the most prime of spots.


Thanks again to DNCE for being fabulous and fun and cool and also INCREDIBLE performers! They’re one of a kind.



(Source: hot995.iheart.com)


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