Joe Jonas’s Interview with 24 Hours Toronto

Joe Jonas did a interview with 24 Hours Toronto recently to talk about his love for Toronto, the Raptors and Drake! 

Check out the interview below!

For many of us, it was a Sophie’s Choice to decide which concert to attend on May 25.
I can imagine. We played Toronto … but I ran over to see Beyoncé play! So I get it. It was just the way it lined up. It was crazy because we weren’t even supposed to be in Toronto on May 25, but because of the Raptors winning [on Victoria Day, the promoters] moved the tour date around. I’m just glad we got to still play the Toronto show. Despite Beyoncé, we still had a packed, sold-out show. It was great.
Are you a Raptors fan?
We’re big Raptors fans now. We’re all crossing our fingers that the Raptors will get their mojo back.
24 Hours reporter Sean Fitzgerald interviewed Jason Priestley recently and he revealed he’s in love with Selena’s music but opted to attend Beyoncé’s concert instead. He called it ‘sacrilegious’ on his part!
Look that happens sometimes. We met fans who went to Beyoncé but they said they would try to make it to our other shows on other days (in other) cities. We have 34 dates, we’re not going anywhere.
Drake. The Weeknd. Bieber. Canadian music is having a moment right now. Is that on your radar down south? Yes! The Six is killing it. We look at all the success and we’re definitely impressed within the industry. I think Drake is an incredible artist. He’s like Mr. Mayor of Toronto. It’s cool to see so many of your artists doing so well. And also, your sports teams! You guys are doing amazing. Toronto is having an incredible year. And Canada, with your Prime Minister [Justin Trudeau].
Have you visited Toronto or Canada a lot?
I’m very familiar with Toronto; we’ve visited a lot. I filmed two movies here so I’ve spent a few months at multiple times. We’ve also toured here quite a bit and played at the Air Canada Centre a bunch, as well as Blue Jays stadium [a.k.a. Rogers Centre]. It’s become a second home. I have a lot of favourite restaurants I like to go to, so whenever I’m in Toronto, I check it all out. 



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