Joe Jonas’s Interview with the Las Vegas Sun

Joe Jonas called the Las Vegas Sun Tuesday afternoon to talk ahead of DNCE’s concert with Selena Gomez at the Mandalay Bay Events Center!

Check out the interview below!

What can DNCE fans expect from your show at Mandalay Bay Events Center on Friday night?
The fans can expect high energy and a fun show — what we do best. We want to bring some excitement to everybody. We can’t wait to hit the stage as we’ve been building a new setlist.
How did DNCE originate?
It was an idea that my roommate Jack Lawless, our drummer, and I had for a while, what it would be like to for us to be in a band on the side, a side project. The timing was off because he was working with other bands.

But when the Jonas Brothers split, I had time off, and I said, “I want to do a band.” I starting to work on a song, “Cake By the Ocean,” and this is the sound I wanted. We found JinJoo Lee and were looking for one more member. When we found Cole Whittle, it was perfect — it was like he fell off the spacecraft.
Do you still enjoy touring and performing after all these years?
I love it! I was just speaking about it with somebody the other day. It’s my favorite thing to do. I feel the most comfortable doing it — working on the craft, playing music live. It all comes to fruition, and it does it justice.
You’ve had recent DJ gigs in Las Vegas. How did DJ’ing come about for you?
I was doing it for fun at friends’ parties and as a side project, and it evolved into something more, including gigs in Las Vegas, like the residency at Hyde Bellagio, and after-parties on tour. I really enjoy it, and it allows me to understand what kind of music I want to create while watching the audience to see how they react.
If you had to stick to one career, would it be singing, acting or DJ’ing?
Singing is always going to be No. 1 for me. It’s where I’m most comfortable and get to express myself and be myself and not play someone else. I’m of a generation where you’re allowed to have multiple careers. It’s a really great feeling.
Your bodyguard prank with Britney Spears and Neil Patrick Harris on “Best Time Ever” in Las Vegas last fall was hilarious. How did that come about?
(Laughs) thank you! I had a lot of fun. I received a call to fly to Las Vegas last minute to film this funny skit with them. I had toured with Britney Spears in Europe, and Neil Patrick Harris is really nice. I had met him at multiple events. At one point, I forgot that we were filming because it was so much fun.
What else are you working on right now along with touring with Selena Gomez on “The Revival Tour”?
We’re finishing our album. We’ve been working on it for the past year. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve had my own schedule, so it’s been really great to have time to create and evolve, especially since your interests change over time.

We have one or two more songs to go on the album, and we’re about to release our new single, “Toothbrush.”
What do you miss most about performing with your brothers Nick and Kevin?
To be honest, I don’t know if we miss it that much. Sharing the stage was great, but it was time to move on. We continue to be supportive of each other in our individual careers. It was the right time and the right decision to end the Jonas Brothers. We’re always on the sidelines cheering each other.
If you weren’t performing, what would you do as a career?
(Laughs) I love animals, so I’d spend my time helping endangered species.
Tell me something that your fans would be surprised to learn about you.
Hmmm …. if you’ve seen the TV show, I am the only other member of Blue Man Group! I’ve learned some magic from some amazing famous magicians. And I balance stuff really well.
Now that you’re a Las Vegas regular, what’s on your must-do list when you’re not working in Las Vegas?
Play some cards. I like to gamble, especially blackjack. See a Cirque du Soleil show. They’re amazing, and I find inspiration in them. I’d like to see The Beatles show.



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